Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Zenyatta: All About the Heart

Zenyatta kickin' it.
And now we must consider Zenyatta, that magnificent filly, who inspired a loyal following even among folks not normally given to horse worship. Who raced her heart out for 19 races, socking all of them into the win column. Who, in going for her 20th straight win, made a claim for the ages. Who reads as a winner in everyone's heart, if not the record book - her final race a virtual tie, separated by six inches. For her glory was not just in winning, but in heart, in presence, in her ability to inspire others to stretch for the finish line, no matter how far away.

Her story is all over the internet; many of you might know it already.  But my friend Elizabeth Whitney has been following her quite closely; she flew to Churchill Downs for that race and posted this very thoughtful and rousing account of the race on her blog, Beyond the Horizon:  Into the Vortex

It's long, but so well-written and thoughtful and captures all of the threads feeding into this story. And she has great photos. Be sure to check out the photos.

Then, for more even info and pix, check out Steve Haskin's post (from Hangin' With Haskin):  Zenyatta Stirs the Emotions.

Be sure to go to the last picture there to see a connection between the two.