Tuesday, March 24, 2009

over a month!?!?!?!?

since my last post?....jeepers, I was busier than I thought. Busy, busy, busy Limes as we used to say in grad school, being so busy we couldn't pronounce simple words like "lives," correctly. Busy: reading submissions for the Napa Conference, polishing up an essay for Newsbytes, attending a conference, signing up for physical therapy for my shoulders and wrists, putting together lesson plans for the Spring class (for all of one student), Tai Chi-ing, finishing my taxes, watching a tooth fall out of my head. Not all the way out; next week I'll go to an oral surgeon and they'll get the rest of the root out. Seems like I clench my teeth a wee bit too much; my incisors are snapping like match sticks.

But! this weekend, I'm off to a self-planned, solo-writing retreat at my favorite hide-in-the-woods place, Wellspring Renewal Center. aahhh! the best place to get un-busy.