Tuesday, March 24, 2009

over a month!?!?!?!?

since my last post?....jeepers, I was busier than I thought. Busy, busy, busy Limes as we used to say in grad school, being so busy we couldn't pronounce simple words like "lives," correctly. Busy: reading submissions for the Napa Conference, polishing up an essay for Newsbytes, attending a conference, signing up for physical therapy for my shoulders and wrists, putting together lesson plans for the Spring class (for all of one student), Tai Chi-ing, finishing my taxes, watching a tooth fall out of my head. Not all the way out; next week I'll go to an oral surgeon and they'll get the rest of the root out. Seems like I clench my teeth a wee bit too much; my incisors are snapping like match sticks.

But! this weekend, I'm off to a self-planned, solo-writing retreat at my favorite hide-in-the-woods place, Wellspring Renewal Center. aahhh! the best place to get un-busy.


  1. I just Googled Wellspring--looks amazing. Hope it was rejuvenating and productive.

  2. it was all that.. the weather was especially cooperative and simply having the whole day to work exactly as my energy and interest demanded was heavenly. Gotta do this more often. Thanks for stopping by!


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