Monday, January 12, 2009

Balmy/ Barmy in January

It's weirdly warm today; a Santa Ana without winds in mid-winter. 81 degrees; the very definition of balmy. In January. In Sonoma County. Granted it rarely snows much here, but still, we don't walk around in shorts and flip-flops all year. Or most of us don't, anyway.

I heard mutterings of "earthquake weather," but some people say that about any odd thing. It's spooky though. I considered swimming in the campus's outdoor pool at noon; people were swimming at noon, normal people not just the ballsy (or knuckleheaded) Polar Bear Club folks who brave the SF Bay on New Year's Day. It's especially un-nerving after the past several weeks of quite severe cold (for us Bay Areans), when we had to cover up the citrus and scrape ice (not just frost) off the windshields. Warm up the cars and wear mittens,too! jimminy cricket, what the hell is going on? Everyone is confused, pixie-headed, twitterpated. The usual words won't suffice. "So warm," describes the temperature, but doesn't convey how bizarre it is to be 80 degrees in the middle of our winter. Like we were in Australia, like the climates were switching sides. Soon whirlpools and drains will twirl out widdershins and we'll be throwing Barbies at the shrimp, who'll scuttle off in absolute disgust that we can't even get that right.


  1. Yesterday was Jack London's birthday and one of the things that struck me, I remember, reading one of his stories, is that he used to say something along the lines of unseasonably hot weather=earthquake.

    I believe it. Wind, heat, full moon. 1987. It must have been 90 degrees all day.

  2. I do remember that; it was a strikingly odd and memorable day, even before the shaking started. And although odd to be so hot in October, it's doubly odd to be this hot in January. It seems doubly portentious, but portentious of what?

  3. Hmm earthquakes sure do seem like a warm weather happening. I have never experienced one in the rain, or when it was freezing cold, or even foggy. If the animals start acting strange...

  4. hhhmmm. yes, there is some sort of pattern here. Should we contact David Ulin? Remember his book, "The Myth of Solid Ground"?

  5. Yeah, wonder what he would say about it.
    BTW this is a great post.

  6. hey, thanks , Noreen, glad you enjoyed it! I always enjoy your comments, too; good to know some folks are out there reading!


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