Friday, February 13, 2009

Frost and Sweet Pea

Been some pretty whack-a-doodle weather this winter: a few heat-wave days, some weeks of icy windshields and frosty lawns, some mornings foggy and soupy, some afternoons almost too bright and sunny. Yet little-to-none of the usual winter rain. Pretty confusing for the plant kingdom; bloom, not bloom, bloom, freeze your tiny little stamens off. I think we're all glad that ol' Punxsutawney Phil, that prognosticating groundhog, hit the snooze button and headed back to catch more zzzzz’s. Maybe this way, winter will regroup, revise and correct itself.

And maybe it is. Today the sky has been many mutable shades of gray. Over the past week, we've had spates of small, cold, drizzly storms; tonight a real rainstorm is predicted to hit. No one is complaining. If we're lucky, we might gain a few inches. Not much and not enough, but after three very dry winters, we're facing the very real possibility of a mandatory 50% water rationing. Perhaps each inch we receive will be one-percentage point less that we'll be asked to save? Well, I rather doubt it works in that tit-for-tat manner. But I will say that it makes for interesting times.


  1. Such a lovely photo!

    There I was, innocently checking my email while taking a break from grading... and your blog post pops up! I see the title, and immediately think of two knitting patterns: one a large square lace shawl called Frost Flowers and Leaves, and the other a baby sweater called Peapod. It's time to call it a day.

  2. The names alone make me want to check those patterns out right away. When the kids were little, we had a friend who called her kids "Sweet Pea" so I got in the habit of calling ours "Little Peapod." Not to be confused with Pequod, the whaling boat in Mobly Dick....
    Have a good weekend, with more chocolate than grading!

  3. hey, thanks, Gay...I sure do enjoy borrowing the digi-camera from work...

  4. Love this pic of the tree. The tones are exquisite.

  5. thanks, Noreen! something interesting always happens when I'm shooting in fog


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