Thursday, June 25, 2009

IOU's...oh joy.

Sooooo, IOU's. Next week. Don't you think the California legislators should be the first to receive them?

And Arnie: what's this crap about vetoing a budget bill because it doesn't meet your specs?... because, oh horrors, in order to keep the parks open and health services for children, there are some raised fees in it? If a budget bill passes, you should honor the work the Legislature has done and sign the damn thing; we have another round coming soon enough and it doesn't look any better than this one.

And maybe you should accept the very first IOU, you know, like the Head of State you are, setting an example, taking the lead. Show that as a Captain of the Ship, you'll do the honorable thing, that women and children should be taken care of first, and you'll get by. It's not like you have to pay for health care or don't already have enough money for any Hummer you might fancy. Maybe you need a deep swim in the Sea of Reality that you (and some recalcitrant Republicans) can't seem to imagine.


  1. Speaking of the captains leading, it's what the JC administrators are doing. The management team has agreed to 3% pay cuts, with the exception of the President who's taking a 5% pay cut.

  2. see, Arnie? It can be done. I know of other CSU's where this is the case, but not ...big fat sigh... at SSU.

  3. I'm pretty sure Arnie doesn't take a salary....
    Bt i agree with everything you've said, and think the same thing every time he talks.

    He's a royal ass.

  4. You are probably right, Roya...oh, well. Yeah, he's being completely ridiculous. Be so glad when he steps down--if we still have a state, that is, for anyone else to govern.


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