Thursday, February 11, 2010

Lucia Galloway: "Venus and Other Losses"

Great news! My friend and fellow-Antiochian Lucia Galloway's new book of poems, "Venus and Other Losses," has just been published by Plan View Press. I don't have copy to quote from yet, though I will soon. I've always admired her poetry; she has a great feel for formal structures, using them to her advantage, all the while messing around with them in most delicious ways.

I do have a link to a recently posted poem of hers, Seasonal, that will give you a taste of the delights to be found in her work. And if you go to her webapage, Lucia Galloway, you'll find other poems on her Portfolio page as well as links to other published work.

But wait, wait, update! Lucia generously sent me this poem, found on page 32 from "Venus and Other Losses," to post for you all.  Enjoy!

Poem without the Piano

Even if you’re expecting
just notes—
in tunes and rills
chords and counterpoint—
you may get minnows silvered
darting in little schools
or sumo wrestlers panting
groaning with the contest.
You may get Chinese acrobats
stacked up in pyramids
or paddle balls
or yo-yos
painted turtles
crawling from fissures
between the keys. Things
whose happening
takes shape in spaces
between the sounds.

~ Lucia Galloway


Noise makers!