Monday, March 1, 2010

True Confections & NPR

Off to the side is a brilliant red and white Follower Badge belonging to Katharine Weber.  It is the image of her book cover (on the left)  of her latest novel, True Confections, which was published  January 5th, 2010... and has already garnered a very tasty review from NPR  Her blog, Staircase Writing, is one of my fav go-tos on my bloggy-bloggy list, so there is no excuse for me not trumpeting her pub date earlier. But do visit her blog for candy-lore, "staircase moments" and book-tour reports. And I'm sure you'll be tempted as I am to snag her book, too. It looks delectable. Like chocolate.


  1. The book is wonderful, and Katherine really captures the true candy factory vibe. And I should know, because my candy company is in her book! I loved the book, and would highly recommend it to everyone.

  2. now, isnt that....uh, drat, I'm going to say it, I can't help myself...sweet! It is definitely going onto my Gotta Read List; I love the research Katharine features on her blog.


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