Sunday, April 25, 2010

Michael Byers

It might take a little searching to find Michael Byers's first book "Coast of Good Intentions" a collection of short stories, but it is well worth it.  He writes with that quiet authority that holds us in the palm of his hand, guiding us to the end.  Charles Baxter said his stories are "wise, beautiful and necessary, " and I couldn't agree more.  "Long for this World, "a novel, is on my stack and I can't wait for his newest work, "Percival's Planet," due out August 3rd, 2010. Just after the Napa Writers Conference! Arghsnarfle!

Check out his site for more info, reviews, and yes! bonus chapters from the new book Especially check out the Essays and Stories tab. A super piece on revising, Faking Shapely Fiction, particularly pertinent for those lucky folks in his workshop at Napa. I have a feeling his lecture is going to be a must-go. And IF we're lucky, maybe he'll have some pre-release copies of "Percival's Planet." Just hoping.


  1. Lakin!

    Hey, you're too kind - I'm very pleased to see these nice words here. Drop me a line in August and I'll get you a copy of the new novel gratis --


  2. why thank you, Michael! Now you're the one being too kind! And generous-I am honored by your offer. And by that I mean I will definitely take you up on it. So nice of you to drop by --looking forward to Napa already!


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