Sunday, May 2, 2010

Settler's Chase

My friend Doris Eraldi's second book, Settler's Chase, will be released in July 2010 by Berkeley. This is a sequel to her book, Settler's Law, also published by Berkeley in 1998. Now, it seems like a long time between books, and it is, but I happen to know that she's written at least one whole novel in between,while training a slew of horses, teaching horsemanship, coaching young riders and in general gallivanting around. No moss grows under her hooves. Anyway, as a first reader of her first book, I am now an eager awaiter of her second.


  1. Hi Lakin - thanks for the plug! As release date rushes towards me, I realize I need to set up some readings in Sonoma Co. ... maybe see you and some of the other former MNW then.


  2. Crazypants awesome! I was actually thinking about that this very a.m. Maybe set up something up with you at Aqus in Petaluma(the current stand-in for the defunct fabulous Zebulon Lounge) and some other readers? or something like that....

  3. Would Love to! Especially if you are going to read too. Has been too long.

    Book coming out in July (probably a bit before) but I'll be away for our MT sojourn for a few weeks just after ... so in the Fall?

  4. Yes! Fall is good...past the Conference and wedding crazyness, into calmer waters for me, too. Let's!


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