Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Aram's Last Supper

Our favorite cafe and restaurant , Aram's, closed Friday night. We knew it was going to happen, just not when. Armenian to the core, it was my favorite place to hang out  and not just because I loved William Saroyan's work or the Armenian Coffee that arrived at the table, steaming hot, in long-handled coffee pots, waiting to be knocked down ( 3 x 3 knocks, I had been taught once) and the slightly sweetened brew poured off, leaving the ubiquitous sludge at the bottom. The food was delicious, yes, absolutely. But the atmosphere was, too. The staff (Jenny, Stephanie, Carol, Kelsey and several others whose names have escaped my rattle-trap brain) tended to stick around, the sign of good treatment by management and customers alike. It was a community affair; customers were loyal and local. We were a type, the Aram's Krew. If we weren't friends already, we'd become so over the years; we could recognize others of our ilk in any crowd. 

We changed our plans to be there Friday night for our last opportunity for Armenian Pomegranate Chicken, Shawarma and the particularly fine feta in their Greek Salad. More photos here of the place and people.  

The staff will stay on for the new restaurant, Avatar's Punjabi Burrito; as long as I can commandeer my favorite table by the windows and Pomegranate Chicken stays on the menu, I'll be there. 


  1. Really? I remember meeting up w/you there to discuss writing, life, etc. Sad to hear this :-( It was a great place.

  2. yeah, really. But it will still be a cafe of sorts: "Avatar Punjabi Burrito." I remember meeting you there so well. Lot's of water under these bridges, eh?

  3. I remeber Aram's well. I have fond memories of eating there with you and Norm and Corry. It will be missed.

  4. it is already missed. It was a habit to go there after Tai Chi on Saturdays and today... I realized I couldn't. It was enough to make me burrow my head back in the pillows.


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