Sunday, July 18, 2010

Hot Week, Full Moon.

A week to go til conference-time: yep! yep!

Pulled up the extended weather report for St Helena for conference week.
Looks like temps will run from the mid- to high 90's. Hot, but not too hot.

But hey, it cools down at night.
Unlike some places in the country.

Plus the full moon on Sunday, July 25th.
Perfect for the plein-air reading that first night on the lawn.

Looks to be a grand week.

Of course the forecast could be off by several degrees in either direction.
But the moon will still be full.

Will I still be talking in couplets on Sunday?
Bets are being taken.

Winner treats at Ana's Cantina.


  1. Foggy in the mornings? Getting close. I won't bet, but I'll tag along to Anna's.

  2. wise girl, not to bet.
    Ana's is fun, no matter what.

    Actually, by Thursday, anything is fun.
    Even Karaoke.

    Forgot to mention the old fog in the morning thing.
    It's what keeps it all in balance.


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