Sunday, January 2, 2011

Just revvin' for 2011

Now that we are over the high hurdle and hump of the holidays (hooray for h'alliteration!), it's time to get back to business, or as late-night tv used to announce - and nooow! back to Maverick! Do they still do that anymore? Probably not. Once again, I'm guilty of using a catch-phrase well past its prime.

And by back to business, I mean prepping for the Napa Valley Writer's Conference. Yesiree, Bob! (who, by the way, is really not my uncle. Sorry.)

A quick bulletin ~ the fiction line-up for this summer:
Two returning: Lan Samantha Chang, from last summer, & Michelle Huneven, from several summers ago, plus two newbies to our conference (though no way are they newbies to writing): Adam Haslett & Daniel Alarcon. Okay, so is that the natural limit for using colons in one paragraph?

I've linked each author to one of their official websites; you can Wiki and Google it from there, I'm sure. With this mix of characters, it promises to be quite a dynamic conference. The new application will be posted soon!

And... if you are in the Bay Area (or need an excuse to be here), you can catch Daniel Alarcon reading with Chris Adrian and Yiyun Li at City Lights bookstore, January 19th, for the release of the book 20 Under 40.

Boy howdy, do I have some reading to do!


  1. Love your hats, lists.
    Ahhhl be bach...

  2. hey, thanks, Kass! and thanks also for dropping by and joining the throng. I'll be dropping in on your blogs very soon.


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