Saturday, March 26, 2011

Napa Faculty Notes

C.D.Wright at NVWC Picnic
talking with Jamie Figueroa and
unidentified participant
C.D.Wright, Poetry Faculty this past summer, just received the  National Book Critics Circle Award for her book, One With Others [a little book of her days].  We had the privilege of hearing her read several excerpts from it in the brand-spanking new Performing Arts Theater on the Main Campus in Napa for our 30th Anniversary celebration. That was a pretty spectacular night.

Catherine Thorpe wrote a nicely crafted blog post on C.D.Wright as the first entry on our new NVWC blog. Cruise by and then join us in the search for a spiffy blog name; all suggestions welcome! Okay, maybe, not all. 

A nice surprise in the latest Sunset magazine (April 2011) ~ a tender essay by Antonya Nelson about the extraordinary gardening skills of her treasured mother-in-law who passed away last May.  It doesn't seem to be linked online anywhere, but perhaps you are a lucky subscriber....or know how to use a library. Do check it out if you get the chance. It is accompanied by a lovely painting by Jade Boswell Webber (Toni's daughter) of her grandmother tending the earth.


  1. I too was surprised by Antonya Nelson's piece in Sunset. So un-Sunset-like. Let's have more like it!

  2. It was rather unusual, wasn't it. I wonder how that happened.. did Toni send it there by careful selection ...or on a whim? Was she solicted for a piece? Did an editor happen to know that she was writing it? Did Toni simply send it to 15 thoughtfully chosen magazines to see what would happen?

    Guess we'll never know for sure, but ... hmmm. Maybe it's worth a try sending Sunset a well-crafted piece related to gardening, food, remodeling, travel...all those topics so dear to the West Coast folk. I bet you have an essay you can send, Jane..

  3. I wish I had one lying around, Lakin, calling out to be published. Maybe once I'm not contributing to the Co-op's Natural Enquirer I might find time for other essays. I'll look for yours in Sunset!

  4. The Natural Enquirer, I love the name!
    Yeah, I don't have much lying around either. You might be looking for awhile ~ ~ but it's great magazine to be looking through.


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