Friday, April 1, 2011

Skip the Lamb, Go to Ham

Even though it was way too hot yesterday to make Bikini Lamb Stew, I did use the oven to bake. Briefly, like for 20 minutes, after 6 p.m. Et voila, the result.

In the words of He Who Ate Most of It:
Oh, tender spears of asparagus, anointed with extra-virgin olive oil, nestled in a creamy bed of melted pepperjack cheese, topped provacatively with thin strips of prosciutto on a raft of flakey puff pastry:
How yummy you are!


  1. What a delicious little entry, Lakin.

  2. heh, heh!
    thanks, Jane...think I'm going to try another version of this tonight. It's cold and rainy and not very spring here; definitely a night for oven-baked comfort.


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