Saturday, August 13, 2011

Conference returned; update a bit late, but worth the wait (maybe?)

Daniel Alarcon, concentrating on one of his workshoppee's manuscript.
We were honored to be Daniel's first summer workshop
The first day is always about the naps and the laundry. And the second for processing all that went on. Words escape me in my toasted-brain state, so I"ll rely on this group of photos to tell some of the tales from the Napa Valley Writers Conference 2011. More photos in a bit!

Jack Leggett, past Director of the Iowa
Writers Workshop,
and co-founder of the NVWC
(along with David Evans),
enjoying the Mondavi winery. 
Novelists and poets: Adam Hazelett  chats with Lan Samantha Chang,
current Director of the Iowa Writers Workshop (foreground).
Background, poet Major Jackson and novelist Lois Leveen.

Angela Flournoy, Ayana Mathis, Michelle Huneven ~ 
watch for novels from each of these writers in the future. 

From left, unknown gentleman, Pat Perini, 
Eleanor Coppola,  Jack Leggett, past Director of NVWC
 and Andrea Bewick,  current Director of the NVWC
Conference Staff, Jeannie Kim-McPherson,
and Christy Pallella, with 
poet Aaron Di Franco
Sue Brown and Janet Constantino, Participantes Extrodinaire.


  1. yeah, they bring it all back....and I do have more! Maybe I'll do themes next..all photos with Major Jackson in them or Anne Evans, or all photos that include wine glasses...oh, wait that'd be most of them! <;-0

  2. Thanks Lakin!

    More photos are available on the conference's Facebook page (which you can view without being a member):

    - Catherine


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