Sunday, January 10, 2010

Curious Lists: Unlikely Ice Cream Flavors

One book acquired over the holiday, "Curious Lists," is basically a bunch of suggested Lists to make, in any way you'd like. So, yeah, its mostly blank ... but what great lists!

For instance: Knots Used for Sailing or Declarations of a Furious Chef or True Things About Cats or Hiccup Cures or Unlikely Ice Cream Flavors. These can be taken seriously or whimsically, depending on mood or any surrounding mayhem you might find yourself in.

Kinda reminds me of the "Pillow Book," the Japanese book written around the year 1000 by a Sei Shonagon.  Part of its charm are the lists the author included, though this current book is more, uhh, interactive. (God, that word is becoming, like, poison.)

So I thought I'd throw one of those lists out there and see what folks come up with. Post any suggestions in comments and remember, fictional or literal suggestions equally acceptable (just not overly scatological or un-family friendly; those can go on your personal list you keep in your car's glovebox for the times you need to convince an officer of the law that you're more wacky than drunk and should simply be delivered home into the waiting arms of your patient but worried spouse).

So how about the last one mentioned:
Unlikely Ice Cream Flavors 
1) Aloe Vera
2) Spaceship Exhaust
3) Copper Shavings
4) Fairy Dust
5) Belly Button

Send me more!


  1. More Ice Cream Flavors


  2. ummm
    Eraser shavings

  3. Couch Potato: potato-flavored ice cream with couch cushion detritus blended in. A piece of lint in every bite!

  4. good one! errr, maybe, an un-delicious one! or as they say in the old country, capitol!

  5. More ice cream flavors:

    water chestnut
    school paste
    Toe jam
    winter squash

  6. Mud! (as in the fallen in the ...)

    well, at least its appropriate for the weather.

  7. hee,hee! wasn't that e.e. cummings who wrote "mudlicious" in a poem about spring?

    and in light of the weather:
    Damp Fallen Leaves

  8. Mood

    Now, what would that taste like? It would fluctuate crazily.

    John (here in the libray) may have an issue with it, since he has a copyright on "mood". My friend, Jim, grabbed "surface", so I was stuck with "shade".


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