Friday, January 8, 2010

Feckless Frazzled Furlough Friday

First working Friday of the year and it's a Furlough Friday. Fah! It all seems rather feckless to me--a half-assed, ineffectual band-aid to a problem that requires systemic change and some big-picture thinkers up in Sacramento. Fancy that! But I'm not even going to attempt to crack that nut today. Don't want to ruin a perfectly fine Friday with frazzled and fried brain cells and a bad, sizzling attitude. 

What I want to do is get beyond the fecklessness, go past the fulminating and even facetiousness and develop something more .... fortuitous, forthright, fulfilling, maybe even frothy. I've decided they'll be Fiction Fridays. Instead of going to the office, I'll go out to the my little garden-shed-turned-into-studio and crank out some scenes on the novella. What the hey. Maybe by the end of the Economic Downturn, I'll have the dang thing finished. 


  1. Half-assed, indeed. Our daughter, who is in school full time, was working part time for Cal Fish and Game. And while she loved it, the furloughs were killers. She quit, and is now working as an independent contractor for her dad. Income she can trust.

  2. I hear you. And I suspect it could get even more half-assed...quarter-assed? with probably even more furloughs. Glad she has a dependable income.


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