Sunday, October 26, 2008

Foaming Pipe Snake

You think I made that up, don't you? I'd love to take credit for such a fortuitous choice of words and images, but no. It's a real ad, for drains. from Liquid Plumr. Their spelling, not mine. Though,personally, I think some SNL writers are on the loose, creating chaos, having too much fun...think we can get away with it, in the "real" world?? I talking about the OG SNL writers, the ones who brought us Swill, the bottled essence of Lake Erie, Puppy Uppers, Jamitol, Bassomatic.

Maybe they're acting on a dare, maybe they want to see if we're paying attention, maybe they just want to give us some comic interludes.

Candygram, ma'am.


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