Monday, October 20, 2008

Joe Hearts Joe

So the word is out. Joe Six Pack and Joe the Plumber are getting married at San Francisco's City Hall. McCain of course, dropped his support and wants his "incentives" back. So much for reasoned arguments and researched positions.

Someone scooped me, too, getting a look at the wedding announcements already and posting it in his or her column. As soon as I find the original post that this came from, I'll post the link.

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  1. Jonathan here. It seems to me than S. Palin is playing the role of Spiro Agnew in this campaign. It is her job to voice sentiments that would not go over if they came from the presidential candidate himself. A sort of " I have to say this , but, wink wink, nudge, nudge, but listen to my president of Vice." It got the repubs into hot water when it became apparent that R. Nixon might not make through the term. The charges of corruption were very handy, but it is my guess that it was no surprise to party insiders.. Spiro himself declared that he did nothing wrong, except when judged by post Watergate morality. For someone who speaks so highly of himself, he sure has sunk low into the gutter.
    Someone needs remind S. Palin/j McCain that the warp and woof of being a politician is working with people that you do not agree with on common goals. It is what you need to do every working day.


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