Sunday, October 26, 2008

Three Limericks starring Palin and McCain

In Wasilla there once was a Mayor
whose knowledge of geography was, errr, fair.
On her porch with a friend, she said, "yeeup that's Russia
but enough on foreign stuff, so hush'ya --
Say what? running for Veep? Good lord, I have nothing to wear!

yeah, this is harder than I thought.

There once was a Mayor of Wasilla
who said to a moose, I'm gonna kill'ya
But with her new togs and a bun
ten winks and a gun,
she sure as hell looked mighty silly-ah.

okay.... next?

There once was a Governor of Alaska
to whom John McCain said " I'll ask ya
to run as my Veep
though you know less than my sheep
about history, foreign affairs and math-yeah!

that took all weekend. Aaarrrrgh!


  1. Lakin, Here's my limerick contribution.

    Senator stodgy explosive McMean
    picked Palin to be his new queen
    150 grand to play dress up
    weak interviews, troopergate misconduct
    poll numbers heading down the latrine

  2. ha ha ha! love the Latrine-Queen rhyme. But...who am I going to credit this to! 'Fess up now...Kathleen has already denied authorship.


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