Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Bookself

Some might notice, over to the right, a blogroll that is slowly increasing. It's my collection of blogs from Napa Valley Writer's Conference participants, faculty, staff....anyone, actually, with any sort of relationship to the conference. I try to introduce them as I add them, but don't always manage that.

I just discovered Joan's blog The Bookself ...with some great posts about the NVWC conference and a truly hysterical (I think, anyway) staff photo. Not sure they'd run it on the website, but it cracks me up just looking at it; we were all rather punchy by then - as you might be able to tell.

Joan published quite a few posts from the conference, with perceptive and astute notes from the craft talks and workshops and some really good photos. Seriously. And she has a nice collection of blogs from Agents and Publishers, worthy of cruising, if anyone is so inclined.

So, check it out.


  1. I have a great recipe for green tomato pickles - especially good for something to do with green cherry tomatoes. Let me know ... I'll send it along!

  2. ooh, that sounds great, yes, please send! thanks!

  3. how are your tomatoes doing, anyway? will you get a decent harvest?


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