Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Funny It Ain't

Wrote a limerick for the Martini House Gang...and then realized why it wasn't much good.  Just not funny. Can't be a limerick if there aren't any guffaws; the very structure of a limerick refuses any sort of seriousness. So this below might engender a quick smirk or two, but there's no real humor.

After 10 p.m. in the town of St Helena
no meal can be found, hi-fat or leana
      'cept at the gas station mini-mart
      there are bagel-dogs and apple-tarts
that we purchase from a counter-clerk named Tina.

Now, the task before me: funny this limerick up. 


  1. There once was a town named St Helena

    At dark closes down like a subpoena

    Needing a bite
    We drove through the night

    Elated to find a junk food mini mart run by Clerk #1, Miss Tina

  2. ha, ha! "like a sobpoena" !!!!! ....and that's doubletime on the last line, too ... or maybe even triple!
    Thanks, Nance!


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